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About us

The Fresh Gelato concept is a unique ice cream production on the Polish market based on proven Italian technological solutions from Frigomat – a company with more than 40 years of tradition and supported by Italian masters of ice cream and pastry. The highest quality of the authentic Italian ice cream Fresh Gelato is guaranteed by:

Master of Italian Gelato
Marco Zanolini

Who is this business for?

For those, who would like to join the Italian family of exceptional Gelato makers and those who want to develop this business idea on their local market in Poland. We encourage people without any experience, people with a lot of passion and energy to create something as well as people experienced in the business, interested in diversifying their current business profile.

Possibilities of Fresh Gelato

restaurants cafes hotels confectioneries bakeries
Catering ice cream franchise Fast Foods pizzerias

Ice cream shop of the future


  • High quality Italian technology based on more than 40 years of tradition.
  • Patented concept of producing fresh ice cream.
  • Ready-made solutions possible to implement in existing locations such as pastry shops, bakeries, restaurants.
  • Lower investment costs compared to traditional solutions.
  • No need to allocate a large amount of space to produce ice cream, about 2 square meters is enough.
  • No need to meet stringent sanitation requirements or to build a laboratory.
  • Always fresh ice cream at the place of sale.
  • Unique design and marketing support at the place of sale.

Business planning

Fresh Gelato

Depending on the selected business model we have different product groups, starting from the basic ice cream menu to the full-year menu for the year-round cafes.

Full support of the Italian Gelato master Marco Zanolini


Ready-made base of exceptional recipes created by the Italian Gelato masters

Choose your favorite ice cream tastes!

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