Discover the advantages of GX technology and take advantage of the largest team of specialists
in the technology of producing fresh ice cream available on the market.

Business planning


As a part of cooperation, each of our partners receives the support of an experienced supervisor who will select the optimal
and tested business solution adjusted to the requirements and expectations perfect for the specific location and partner. An additional advantage is the support of a dynamic,
experienced team specialized in designing and building ice cream shops.
We combine functionality with creativity which makes the ice cream shops created by us successful in business.

Fresh Gelato & more

Café – ice cream shop with full 360 product menu that enables being in service all year round.

Fresh Gelato Kiosk

Independent place or a spot in the gallery

Fresh Gelato take away

Window sell

Fresh GelatoMOBILE

Mobile trailer

Fresh Gelato Mobile

Ice cream truck

Fresh Gelato Corner

Selling in the existing place / diversification of the current
business profile

Fresh Gelato Kontener

Fresh Gelato Szczęki


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